How Understanding Sacred Geometry Helps You Every Day!

/How Understanding Sacred Geometry Helps You Every Day!

How Understanding Sacred Geometry Helps You Every Day!

Thursday, June 27, 2019
8:00 – 9:30 pm Eastern
Only $35!

Beautiful swirls of rose petals, breath-taking arches over stained-glass windows, the towering pyramids, the mystery of the Fibonacci code, the Golden ratio – fascinating stuff, isn’t it? But what does it matter in YOUR life every day?

Explore the answers with me in this exciting course as you learn:

  • how to work with the energy of the Vesica Pisces
  • how to incorporate the Flower of Life into YOUR life
  • why the Divine Ratio matters in your yoga and meditation practices
  • what platonic solids mean in your connection to nature, the stars and more
  • an overview of numerological principles
  • how to incorporate sacred geometry into your crystal grids and altars
  • and more!

This exciting course is taught through a telephone conference call, so it’s available from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is dial at phone number to be connected.  You’ll get a great handout too!

Register NOW for How Understanding Sacred Geometry Helps You!  When I receive notice from PayPal that you’ve registered, I’ll send you a confirmation email requesting that you respond so I know I have the correct email for you (this is important for me to send call-in instructions and handouts!).

Course enrollment is limited, and this course will fill quickly! so register early!

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