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Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot: Afternoon and Evening Sessions Available

Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot on Zoom

Three-Session Course:
Wednesdays, May 12, 19, 26, 2021
2:00 – 3:30 pm EASTERN US time
8:00 – 9:30 pm EASTERN US time







If you long to truly begin your journey into the depth and symbolism of Tarot, this introductory course is for you!  We focus on the tried and true meaning of the cards from antiquity.  I’ve been reading and teaching Tarot for nearly 40 years, and have taught hundreds to read Tarot.

My Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot course teaches you how to begin your lifetime relationship with this oracle!  True Tarot brings together symbolism from many world beliefs, mythologies, and culture, and these serve as the foundation for your work, and lays the groundwork for your work with your intuition in future courses.

You’ll be introduced in this intensive three-session course to:

  1. The history of Tarot and why it matters in your readings now
  2. The ethics of reading Tarot
  3. How to work with the Major Arcana cards (called keys)
  4. How to work with the Minor Arcana keys
  5. How to interpret reversed keys
  6. Symbolism from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Celtic, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian beliefs and cultures throughout the keys
  7. How to work with the Four Directions and Four Elements in Tarot symbolism
  8. How key colors impact your interpretation
  9. How numerology relates to Tarot meanings
  10. How to create and interpret a three-key spread
  11. How to create and interpret a Celtic Cross spread


You’ll have an opportunity to interpret readings I’ll provide, and do practice readings for classmates.  Your homework each week will be fun and encouraging!


For a discounted fee of only $145, you’ll be invited to join my advanced course: Deeper Mysteries of Tarot after you complete my Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot course.  This course, offered later in summer, enhances your ability to read and interpret the keys, using your intuition in conjunction with the keys.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot is taught via Zoom video.  I’m so excited about this platform because it allows you to see me and the cards as we work with them. You’ll need to create a free account on Zoom – it’s easy.  Each week I’ll send you a link to join the class and great handouts!  You’ll be connected to me and your classmates from around the globe!  We meet for one and one-half hours each week for three weeks. You can join from anywhere in the world!

Register NOW for Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot.  When I receive notice from PayPal that you’ve registered, I’ll send you a confirmation email requesting that you respond so I know I have the correct email for you (this is important for me to send Zoom links and handouts!).

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