Five years ago this week, I had one of those life-changing experiences that continues to teach me lessons. I had been blessed for many years prior to that day with amazing experiences with four-legged, winged, crawling, and swimming “people” – circled by Eagle, eye-to-eye communication with Hawk, a conversation with Fox, and more. 

I’ve been blessed since that magical day with many more experiences – holding hands with Chipmunk, Dolphin joining a bridal shower, Great Blue Heron standing next to me as he fished, Osprey giving me validation about a life change, and more.

However, this day in 2014 was a watershed moment.  A time when I KNEW with absolute certainty that Spirit spoke – no, knocked me on the head – demanding I pay attention, demanding I course-correct into my future.

I paid attention.  I acted as instructed.  And I’ve never looked back.  And I am beyond grateful.  Below is the story of that day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Messages from “Animal” People Today!
Today has been an amazing day, and it’s only 3 pm.  There is a gigantic shift occurring in my life.  I don’t know yet how that shift will manifest itself, but today the Universe has brought the signs and symbols of the upcoming changes to my door and windows – literally.

While I was in England a Wren built her nest between the screen and window over the kitchen sink.  She was sitting her eggs when I returned home.  As I went through surgery and that long week/weekend of recovery, the eggs hatched, and I watched her (maybe both mom and dad – I learned that both parents nurture the babies) work tirelessly, bringing food to the chicks.  I’ve only seen the hungry little mouths.  The parents still keep them deep in the nest, and I’m still watching.  If she returns to the nest when she thinks I’m too close to the window, she freezes on the window ledge until I slowly back away from the sink.  Then she rushes to the yawning-mouthed babies.

Here’s what “Animal Totem Guide” website says:
Wren represents a new period of incoming energy, increased activity and heightened alertness in mental, physical, and emotional areas. There is clarity with a creative vibrancy along with activated confidence in the ability to adapt to any situations. Wren supports you with his ability to see into the dark recesses and extract what is needed. You may realize you have several things going on at once. He will guide in what is necessary through dreams and meditations. Wren expresses an effervescence and renewed vitality of relationships within the environment; work, home, family, groups. He shows that emotional journey includes joy and happiness. You deserve it. It is time to lighten your heart with the creative arts and spending time in nature to rejuvenate. Wren’s medicine also includes determination, strength and fortitude and resourcefulness with the art of multitasking. He shows balancing and timing of when to be aggressive and when to be subdued. Listen to your body for indicators. Although he may not always be seen, his song speaks to the heart in order for you to sing your own wonderful song. Although the genus list for wren is vast, pay attention to the surroundings, habits, and plumage for more insight. Wrens may be small but can teach big lessons. Do you feel unsure or inadequate? His medicine will guide you and provide strength to move forward.

This morning I made coffee and turned to sit at the kitchen table.  I was stopped abruptly by a Snake stretched out and bent double across the window sill where the upper and lower windows meet, again between the screen and glass.  As I moved closer to take his picture, he turned his head to watch me.

My friend Michael came to help me move Snake, and told me he is a King Snake.  I’m sure I’m telling a “fish” tale here, but he seemed almost three feet long!

I’ve known for years Carson and Sam’s explanation of the meaning of Snake, and everything I read on the internet backed them up.

Snake is about transmutation – shedding that which no longer serves us so we can begin anew.  I quote: “It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance…. Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine.  This fire energy, when functioning on the material plane, creates passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality.   On the emotional plane it becomes ambition, creation, resolution and dreams.  On the mental plane it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership.  When Snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to the Great Spirit.  This is heavy magic, but magic is no more than a change in consciousness.  Become the magician or the enchantress: transmute the energy and accept the power of fire.”

Next, I was working on the computer in my office, and hear a frantic dog bark and lots of activity at the front door.  There, in a stand-off, stood Dog and Goat.  The Goat was small, and stomped his feet at me when I opened the door.  I kept trying to shoo the Dog away so the Goat wouldn’t be trapped in front of the dining room window.  Finally the Dog left.  The Goat stood for a long while in front of the window.  He (she?) only ran away when a client arrived. 

Dog is about loyalty – to oneself and to others.  Carson and Sams have this to say: “If Dog comes into your life, ask: ‘Have I forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life?  Have I been loyal and true to my goals?’

The following is from Shaman’s Journey website: Goat’s medicine includes abundance, independence, surefootedness, eliminating guilty feelings, understanding nature energies and beings, seeking new heights, agility.

The goat shows us how to compose a firm foundation on which to stand and aids us in developing confidence as we head towards new. Goat teaches us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and helps us develop confidence as we move towards new heights achievements.

Goat’s medicine includes the energy of abundant nourishment. From them we can learn how to sustain ourselves, we are reminded that we must build up our independence and strength. They show us how to take care of our basic needs and teach us how to perfect survival skills.

Goats are attuned to nature’s energies and are therefore able to move strategically through difficult terrain and go where other animals cannot. If this is your power animal, it serves as a guide into the unexplored aspects of one’s true self.

Since I wrote the above five years ago, I have shifted much energy in my life.  My writing and work have taken new turns.  I’ve moved home to the sea and cherish the neighbors I have here – beings that live in the sea and the marshes and along the shore.  Owl, Opossum, Raccoon, Squirrel, sea birds and land birds, Coyote, Deer, Fox, and Alligator now join in the chorus and change the ecosystem.

But here’s what remains constant: I know, deep in my heart, that I am guided, and I know that my four-legged, swimming, crawling, and winged friends are all related to each other and to me.

Blessed be,