PCP logoI am honored to be the intuitive on Port City Paranormal’s investigation team.

My responsibilities during an investigation are to BE QUIET and make notes of anything I hear, sense or see.  I don’t scream like psychics on TV.  I don’t yell at the ghosts (none of us on the team would ever do that!)  I don’t tell the camera folks where to shoot pictures.  I just make notes and write a report regarding the information I received, hopefully offering corroborating evidence to what the team members operating the electronic equipment uncover.

My other task on the team is to work with my team members to help lost souls cross over to the other side.  On an investigation in a private home a while back, the ghost clearly was confused and angry when we told her the year.  As she became agitated, all of the equipment stopped working.  When she finally agreed to leave (and her leaving was palpable!) the equipment returned to normal functioning!

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