One-Question Email Readings

//One-Question Email Readings

One-Question Email Readings


In a One-question Email Reading with me, my Guides, my cards, and my intuition focus on answering one simple, straight-forward question for you.  Questions such as “What factors are influencing my decision about a possible career change?” “What can I do better to enhance my relationship with my partner?” “How can I better connect with my spiritual path/” are great questions for one-question readings.

I can’t tell you information about someone else (“Does my partner love me?”) – that’s unethical, or tell much about upcoming events beyond six months.  Vague questions such as “What do I need to know?” aren’t good questions because I can’t get specific answers to vague questions.  No one can answer questions about possible death or illness. or medical concerns. It’s also best to avoid “yes” or “no” questions.

I answer One-Question Email Reading questions on Tuesdays between Noon and 6 pm eastern timeIn order for your question to be answered on the next upcoming Tuesday, payment and your question must be received before NOON EASTERN TIME on the previous day, Monday.  Questions received after noon eastern time on a Monday will be answer on Tuesday of the following week. 

Here’s how a One-question Email Reading with me works:  Pay for your reading by clicking the “Add To Cart” button, which will take you to my Paypal account.  Next, email me your question at  When I receive both your payment and question, I’ll send you a confirmation.  Then, your question will be answered as noted above.

Thanks so much! I look forward to reading for you!


Product Description

My courses, products and services are provided to you with your highest good in mind.  I strive to offer courses, workshops, trainings and educational services that help you grow and learn about yourself and the world around you.  My intuitive readings, are intended to connect you with your highest self and your Spirit Guides, and to assist you in learning your soul’s purpose.  I am honored that you have chosen to connect with me, and so appreciate your support.  To stay in touch with me, please sign up to receive my blog posts and newsletter on the home page.  Blessings, Deb.


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