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Why I Believe What I Believe: Building Your Cornerstone of Spirit


Three-Session Course
Tuesdays, March 3, 10, 17, 2020
8:00 – 9:30 pm EASTERN time

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What did you learn early in life about spirituality that continue to inform your beliefs today? What, and who, have influenced the evolution you’re making toward a deeper understand of who you are? What have you changed about your beliefs, and why? How have the transitions impacted who you are now and your relationships today? How do you see yourself in the context of the larger world, and your place in the cosmos? This course will help you answer these questions and more by exploring your views on creation stories, the cosmos, your personal history of beliefs, how energy works, what religion and spirituality mean to you, and much more.  The idea is based on an ever-evolving document I began writing for myself in the early 1970s!

This course offers you a safe place to investigate these questions and more with other seekers whose paths may be similar or different from yours.  We learn and grow together in this exciting exploration of Self, of believes, and the universe in which we live and grow.

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My courses, products and services are provided to you with your highest good in mind.  I strive to offer educational services that help you grow and learn about yourself and the world around you.  My intuitive readings, courses and programs are intended to help you connect with your highest self and your Spirit Guides, and to assist you in learning your soul’s purpose.  I am honored that you have chosen to connect with me, and so appreciate your support.  To stay in touch with me, please sign up at the bottom of my homepage to receive my blog posts and newsletters.  Blessings, Deb.


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