A Wren, Dog, Goat and Snake: four years later – lessons continue!

Four years  ago this week, on a Wednesday morning, I had a magical experience.  The Wren nesting in the window above my kitchen sink hatched her eggs, and I was visited by a Snake, a Dog and a Goat, all before noon.

After watching the Wren feed her babies, I settled down to drink my coffee.  I was greeted by a Black Snake stretched across the window in front of my kitchen table.  While pondering what to do about the Snake, I heard barking at my front door.  When I opened the door, I was greeted by a dog barking intently at something in front of my dining room window.  I peered out to discover a goat standing in front of the window.

After the Snake was removed from the kitchen window and sent on his way, the Dog wandered off, and the Goat finally gave up her post next to my front door, I spent many hours in reflection about the meaning of these visits.

The messages were clear:  I was entering a new chapter in my life, filled with energy, passion, creativity and promise.  My task was to be loyal to my own truths, based on a firm foundation of faith, and to be willing to let go of that which no longer serves me.

I have, for the most part, heeded the messages.  Sometimes I need to relearn the lessons, and to remember to trust, but I am growing and letting go.  The journey continues, but I’m having a wonderful time along the way!

Below are the sources I used in my research about that magical morning:

Animal Totem Guide website says that “Wren represents a new period of incoming energy, increased activity and heightened alertness in mental, physical, and emotional areas. There is clarity with a creative vibrancy along with activated confidence in the ability to adapt to any situations…. It is time to lighten your heart with the creative arts and spending time in nature to rejuvenate. Wren’s medicine also includes determination, strength and fortitude and resourcefulness with the art of multitasking…. His medicine will guide you and provide strength to move forward.”

Dog, of course, is about loyalty.  Carson and Sams, in Medicine Cards, say: “If Dog comes into your life, ask: ‘Have I forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life? ….Have I been loyal and true to my goals?’”

Carson and Sams say Snake is about transmutation – shedding that which no longer serves us so we can begin anew.  “It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance…. Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine.  This fire energy, when functioning on the material plane, creates passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality.   On the emotional plane it becomes ambition, creation, resolution and dreams.  On the mental plane it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership.  When Snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to the Great Spirit.  This is heavy magic, but magic is no more than a change in consciousness.  Become the magician or the enchantress: transmute the energy and accept the power of fire.”

Shaman’s Journey website says, “Goat’s medicine includes abundance, independence, surefootedness, eliminating guilty feelings, understanding nature energies and beings, seeking new heights, agility…. Goat teaches us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and helps us develop confidence as we move towards new heights achievements.  Goats are attuned to nature’s energies and are therefore able to move strategically through difficult terrain and go where other animals cannot. If this is your power animal, it serves as a guide into the unexplored aspects of one’s true self.”

Blessed be,