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Deb and SEVEN friends co-host an amazing new podcast concept.  We follow various spiritual paths, we are trained in various spiritual and psychic modalities, we come from many backgrounds and more than one country.  However, we are much more similar than we are different, and we believe our work together offers you an opportunity to join with us in connecting at a much deeper, more meaningful level.  Read our bios below to see the amazing work this team does!  Each week, you hear from Deb and one (or more!) of the team members in rotation.

Here’s the team:

Deb Bowen, creator and anchor host of Quest for Connection, is a spiritual educator, author, and has been a professional psychic since 1983. Her belief that all beings are connected led her to study the intersections among spirituality, science, and sacred geometry.  Always the student, she has walked many paths, culminating today in earth-based spirituality, and manifesting in an abiding passion for deep ecology. Deb also is co-host of PsychicTeachers podcast, now nearly in its eighth year on-air. She has an environmental novel in editorial review, and her oracle deck Mystical Seashells is forthcoming this spring. She offers courses, retreats, spiritual coaching and readings internationally.  Find her at and at





Susan Bollinger spent her first years surrounded by the dynamic and ancient spiritual cultures of India. As a child, her heart was opened by the subtle energies that swirled around her. Many questions were ignited deep within and thus The Journey began. She pursued intuitive and creative arts, but also recognized the balance science brought to creation. Never a person to allow dogma a foothold and ever the seeker, Susan studied and practiced Christianity, Orthodox Judaism and finally, earth based spirituality. Interwoven is her formal training as an RN, a discipline she has applied for 22 years.  She is a careful student, avid and curious learner, and is centered on the well-being of all. Esoterica and medical sciences blending to a potion of healing and light.  Find her at






Kimberley “Fox” Coffman grew up overseas, with a keen interest in folklore, legend, and the human connection to the Earth. In 2002 she returned to the US to study veterinary sciences, where her love of animal behavior and human psychology grew. Later, she became an artist, incorporating her interests and experiences into her creations. When she began working at a metaphysical healing center, she found her innate gift of being able to see soul energies as animals. She reads spirit animals professionally and offers her gift to clients globally. She intuitively ‘sees’ all types of animals, offering an in-depth way to bridge gaps in relationships, career, health, and the overall connection to everything around an individual. She heads “Moon Tribes,” a community platform that provides tools for living authentically, offering events for positive growth and learning, and helping people creatively express who they are through a tribal-nouveau lifestyle. She lives surrounded by her creature, faerie, and monster creations, which she pursues with her business “The Goblin Bazaar.” Find her at
and at



Joel Hawkins has been a student of the esoteric since childhood. His interests include all things spiritual, supernatural, preternatural, and paranormal. From experiencing visitations by the age of five to having lived with an active haunting, he is keenly aware of connections beyond our physical realm. For the past twelve years, Joel has turned his focus to an in-depth exploration of the mineral kingdom and its use in ritual, wellness, and healing practices. He is a Melody-certified Grand Formations Array Practitioner and certified Master Crystologist. Joel often speaks at workshops, classes, and on podcasts, sharing his personal lessons on the spiritual genius of the Earth.  Find him at





Roger Lockshier has been a practitioner and student of various spiritual and mystical paths for over 25 years. He draws from the myths and wisdom of Europe, especially those of the ancient Norse and Celtic people as well as some traditions found within the indigenous practices of North and South America. He blends many concepts found in both western and eastern mysticism, magick and philosophy, and draws parallels between belief systems from around the world. In his practice, Roger uses his abilities as a channel and empath to share intuitive guidance and healing, visionary messages and spirit guide connections – all aligned with the purpose of assisting each person on his/her path of spiritual awakening and discovery. He is the creator and founder of New Aeon Shamanism and Shamanfire and co-founder of Temple of the Serpent Flame. Find him at,,




Sheri Perbeck is a psychic medium and healer who has been in practice for over 15 years. She has undergone two years of intensive training as a Transformational Healer, cultivating her gifts as a spiritual worker and strengthening her connection to spirit; particularly the angelic realm. As a direct result of her work with the archangels, Sheri has gone on to develop her own healing modality called Transitional Healing of the self.  In addition to her spiritual practice, Sheri hosts regular workshops at Mystic Elements of Wilmington where she serves as a mentor and guide.  She also handcrafts a specialty candle line, Angel Speak Candles, which is designed to aid others in connecting with the archangels for their own spiritual development. Find her at,






Dale Rutman is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist (NATH) and Regressionist (certified by the late Delores Cannon in her proprietorial technique).  She is a clairaudient intuitive and psychopomp emissary.  Dale teaches many healing modalities.  She has worked with two paranormal groups, one being TAPS.  She has been a spiritual mentor to others, focusing on each person taking back his/her power and moving away from fear. Connect with Dale at




Anita Self is a psychic medium.  Her faith tradition is founded in Christianity, yet she also embraces other religious beliefs and esoteric practices.  She describes herself as having an eclectic approach to Spirituality.  Anita enjoys supporting people as they find their true self and finding their own spiritual path. She is an endless student and embraces her own spiritual life by being fearless and having a great sense of humor.  Find her at




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