“I hope I win the lottery!”  “I hope it’s sunny tomorrow.”  “I hope my children will grow up to be successful.”  “I hope I get a raise.” Have you every counted how many times every day you hope for something?  I tried to do that recently, and lost count.  In my last missive from Mary Magdalene, she said she would expound on the dangers of hoping.  Here are five ways we can stop hoping and start living, she said.

  1. Be present in each moment.  This is sooo hard to do!  The key, Mary Magdalene said – and you’re not going to like this – is to pay attention to the breath.  When we take a deep breath, physiologically many things happen – our heart rate decreases, our blood pressure lowers, the rhythm of our breathing slows, our brain absorbs more oxygen, helping us to think more clearly.  We are able, when we focus on the breath, to realize that THIS moment is the only one we have, really.
  2. Release your Ego. Reread the first paragraph in this post.  Notice that every quote begins with “I.”  When we are able to shift our energy from self-focus to global focus, we can live in the now.  Even the sentence about the children reflects the speaker’s intent for what s/he wants, not what might be the best path for the children.  Mary Magdalene said that we must constantly monitor ourselves to release hidden agendas in our desires for others.  Instead, she said, we need to attend to a more global perspective of love and peace in every moment.
  3. Accept what you can’t change. You can’t change the weather.  Weather simply is.  All you can do is be prepared for whatever the weather is at any given moment.  You can’t change another person, no matter what you do.  Release others from your expectations.  You may not be able to change a given situation (more on this in a minute.)
  4. Change what (and who) you can change. If you’re in a situation that you can’t change, you can change how you interact with the situation.  You can change your attitude.  You can choose to walk away.  Often, in this scenario, we say, “Yes, but … (I can’t quit my job, leave my partner, etc.).  True maybe, but you can change the way you view the situation, and change your thoughts and feelings about it.  You have more control of YOU than you believe.  In fact, controlling you is all you can control!
  5. Focus on the light. When we hope, we imply either consciously or unconsciously that we lack, that something is missing, or not the way we believe we want it to be.  In every moment that we focus on the positive, on what we DO have, when we send forth light and love and healing energy and peace and gratitude, we, for that moment, change the world – and ourselves – for the better.

Mary Magdalene said that hope becomes reality when we act every moment “as if” – as if that for which we hope has already come to pass, and as if the only way to manifest our hope is to act, which it is.

I invite you to try Mary Magdalene’s suggestions with me.  Let me know how you’re doing.  You can respond on this post here on my website, or on any one of my three facebook pages:




Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Blessed be,

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