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Do you want to increase your intuitive ability? Learn about crystals? The Tarot? Learn how to protect yourself and your home from psychic attack? Ward off energy vampires?  Numerology? And MORE????

These courses are like attending a workshop with me (and most also with Samantha Fey) as many times as you like!  Just click the Buy Now button and they’re automatically downloaded in MP3 format to the device from which you placed your order.  Email me for handouts at  Note: Receipt of payment and handouts will be emailed on Monday if course is purchased on Friday or over the weekend.

Manifesting Your Bucket List:  You Can Have It All

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A million dollars? A house at the shore? A trip to Paris? Running a marathon? Or more happiness in your life? In this course I give you quick, simple steps to help you reach your real goals in your life! Your bucket list is obtainable – I promise!

Create Your Spiritual Garden

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The Spirits of the Plants themselves will help you create a beautiful, colorful garden of abundance – if you but ask! Learn how to work with Plant Energy, how to garden without weeds or chemicals, and how to design and create flower and herb gardens to suit every landscape and patio!  Whether you have a brown thumb or are a master gardener, this course will guide you in building a wonderful relationship with the natural world around you.

Moon Cycles: How They Protect Your Daily Lives

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We, like the tides, are affected by the moon’s cycle through the sky each month. BUT – did you know the moon can help you manifest your desires, rid yourself of unwanted habits, and increase your connection to nature and the world around you? In this course, I teach you these techniques – and more.

Peace, Love and Wisdom: Guided Energy To Balance Your Chakras

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Just getting through a day can be difficult if you chakras aren’t balanced and functioning properly. These gentle meditation imagery steps guide you in balancing your chakra system for optimal health and wellness. For many years, Deb has taught others how to open, balance and close these vital energy systems. Note: no handouts with this course – everything you need is here!

Many Paths to Meditation

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Hate to meditate? No time to meditate? You can learn to meditate in just ONE MINUTE – I promise! You can also walk, dance, and drum your meditation. These simple, easy-to-follow steps guide you toward a rewarding meditation practice! Note: no handouts with this course – everything you need is here!

Discover The Psychic In You

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You think you’re intuitive?  You know things and don’t know how you know them?  You hear information, and see symbols in nature?  This great course teaches you how to open to your intuitive ability and discover your psychic strengths, how to balance your chakras, and atune to your psychic self!

Inviting Crystals Into Your Life

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I can’t imagine my life without the gifts stones bring to me every day! If you’re just beginning to resonate with stones, this course is for you! If you want to deepen your work, there’s new information just for you! How to work with stones for prosperity, meditation, and more is just some of the information in this great course!

Mysteries of Tarot

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Tarot is so ancient that we don’t know its origins.  Its mystical symbols span many cultures and world beliefs. Using the traditional Waite-Rider deck, this course teaches you the basics of Tarot, and sets you on your path toward an in-depth understanding of symbols and arcane knowledge found only in Tarot.

Psychic Protection: Opening and Closing Your Intuition

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It’s vital that you as an intuitive know how and when to open and close your abilities! A psychic cannot (and should not) be “on” all the time! This course teaches you how to be receptive to your psychic skills, how to better control your abilities, and how to shut them down so you can rest!

Psychic Protection and Energy Vampires

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Co-workers draining your energy?  Relatives wanting too much from you?  Living with a passive-aggressive partner? Discover how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home from psychic attack and those pesky people who drain your energy!

How To Clear and Protect Your Home

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THE course you asked us to create! Learn how to clear and protect your home, your land, your office and more!  Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions using a minimum of tools, and your home is clear of unwanted energy and protected from negativity.

Numerology 101

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What’s your life-path number, and how can knowing it help you make decisions every day?  What to change your house number for optimum communication in your family? There’s magic in the skill of using numbers to guide your life! Learn how your birth number, name number, and even your house number impact you every day!

Finding Your Wishing Well: Discovering the Power of Three

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When we follow a charted course to set intentions to manifest our desires with two other people, great blessings occur!  Three is a magical number!  Find out why working with two partners is ideal, and learn how to work with two others to manifest more successfully!

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