Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery

/Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery

Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery

Beginning Tuesday, January 8 and on-going

8:00 – 9:30 pm EASTERN time

THIS is the “Mystery School” I’ve been developing for months!  I’m so excited to share it with you now, as we move into a “three” year of collaboration!  We’ll discuss all things “cosmic” in a way that puts esoteric thought into an orderly continuum of information that all of us can understand and digest.  More important, we’ll discuss how these concepts impact and assist you every day, even when you’re not aware of them!

Here’s a partial list of topics we’ll cover:
*Finding a common ground of definitions
* The eternal wheel of the year and how each element melds with the next, and how we celebrate and honor the passage of time
* You are stardust: what’s out there in the cosmos? How do the moon, stars, planets and sun impact us?
* What is energy, really, and what does it mean in my life?
* The Gaia Principle and the part we must play
* Earth-based Spirituality
* Science and Spirituality: Sacred Geometry, Grids, Ley Lines, Vortices, Henges, Labyrinths
* Sacred Places, Sacred Spaces
* Why we need altars and rituals
* How to build altars and shrines and how they are different
* Why and how to create rituals
* And sooooo much more!

Here’s how Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery works:

For only $279 if you enroll for January only, the course will meet four times:
* We’ll meet for lecture/discussion on three Tuesday evenings: Jan. 8, 15, and 29. You’ll get great handouts!
* On Tuesday, Jan. 22, we’ll do a full moon ritual together (the moon is full on Jan. 21).
**Note: If you want to try out the course for January only, email me at the address below and I’ll send you a paypal invoice:

For only $395 (save $116) if you enroll in both January and February, the course will meet in January as noted above AND
* We’ll meet for an Imbolc/Candlemas Ritual on Tuesday, February 5
* We’ll meet for lecture/discussion on Tuesdays, February 12, 19 and 26 (with more great handouts!)


You’ll be invited to join my NEW Deb & Friends Wisdom of the Sages Book Club FREE!

Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery is taught via teleconference.  All you have to do each session is dial a telephone number, and you’ll be connected to me and your classmates from around the globe!  We meet for one and one-half hours each week.

Register NOW for Wisdom of the Sages: Turning the Wheel of Discovery.  When I receive notice from PayPal that you’ve registered, I’ll send you a confirmation email requesting that you respond so I know I have the correct email for you (this is important for me to send call-in instructions and handouts!). Register here:


Course enrollment is limited, so register early and invite a friend!

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