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MEDIATATION---4Many Paths To Meditation

Can you sit still and chant for an hour each day? I can’t! On this easy how-to CD you’ll learn a one-minute mediation technique, and how to walk, dance and drum your way to inner peace!
$20 – includes free shipping


Peace-Love-4Peace, Love and Wisdom: Guided Imagery to Balance Your Chakras

Many folks need visual prompts to help them connect with their chakras, and this CD does it!  From quiet  hillsides to gentle rolling waves you’ll learn how to open, close and balance your chakras!
$20 – includes free shipping

CaregiversGriefCDCaregivers & Grief: The Long Journey

We begin our journey through grief long before our ill loved one dies.  This CD helps you understand anticipatory grief and gently guides you through your grieving journey.
$20 – includes free shipping

CaringForTheCaregiverCaring for the Caregivers: You Are Not Alone – Nurturing Affirmations

If you’re caring for a loved one who is ill, this CD is for you.  Your roller coaster of emotions are validated, and the CD is full of positive actions you can take to help you along this painful journey.
$20 – includes free shipping

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