Past Life Regression

Have you ever been to a place you knew you’d been before?  Have you ever met someone who felt like an old friend the moment you met?   Do you wonder why you and a loved one repeat the same patterns of behavior over and over?

Learn how events, emotions, and people in your past lives impact your life today.  More important, learn how to release those painful emotions so that your life today is rich and full.

In a past life regression session, I do NOT hypnotize you, but do help you reach a very relaxed state in which you are able to visit three former lifetimes.  You’re perfectly safe and comfortable while these scenes float before you.

Sessions are conducted over the telephone.  A session lasts about an hour and a half.  Note: if you purchase this service on Friday or over a weekend, confirmation of receipt of payment will be emailed to you on Monday.

Past Life Regression Session $200

Past Life Regression Session $200