StarNewsPicThere are many paths toward learning why certain events happen in your life, why you’re in relationships with certain people, what your financial future holds, and how you find balance in your life.  The readings I’ve offered since 1983 have helped thousands of people around the world find answers and comfort.  I would be honored to be of service to you.

Intuitive Readings

Please note:  I do not do intuitive readings for people under age 18.  Astrology, numerology and animal guide readings available to people of all ages! Readings and charts are for entertainment purposes only.  If you order a service below on Friday or over a weekend, receipt of payment and options for scheduling will be emailed to you on Monday.

One-Question Intuitive Email Reading  $25

This service provides you with an overview of answers to fairly simple questions you may be struggling with right now.   Communicating your question to me requires two steps.  First,  complete your Paypal order.  Second, send your question to me at  Your question will be answered within 48 hours of my response to your email, Monday-Thursday.  If you request this service on Friday or over a weekend, your question will be answered on Monday.

In-depth Intuitive Readings:  

In-depth readings provide details regarding past, present, and future aspects of multiple questions you may have.   I consider our time together as sacred, and am grateful for your trust in me and the wisdom that comes through me.  I meditate before our session and ask my Guides to connect with yours for the highest good of all.  We are able to receive information on past events and emotions that influence your life now, events that might happen in the future, and suggestions for changes you might make to enhance your life’s journey.  I am sometimes able to connect with your deceased loved ones, including pets, but not always.  A reading typically lasts 30 minutes, but if we find we need more time I am available for the additional 15 minutes at this price.  If you pay for these services on Friday or over a weekend, receipt email will be sent to you on Monday.

30-45 minute Telephone Reading  $90

30-minute Telephone Reading with me and Samantha Fey $150.

This service is offered with my psychic partner, Samantha Fey..

If you would like to schedule a group readings for you and your friends, email me at for more information.

Numerology Chart Reading

Numerology101-AUThe numbers of your date of birth, your name, even your house number influence your life every day!  I’ll create a chart for you that shows you how knowing those numbers can make your life easier and more meaningful.  When you complete your Paypal order email me ( your date and year of birth, and your full name, including your maiden name if you are married.  Your chart will be emailed to you within two weeks.

Numerology Chart Reading  $125

Natal Astrology Chart

AstrologyPerfect for yourself or as a gift for a new baby!  Your sun sign, moon, sign, rising sign, and the houses in which your planets were positioned at the moment of your birth influence many of your life’s lessons.  When you complete your Paypal order email me ( your birthday and time and location of birth.  Your chart is emailed to you within two weeks of your submission.

Natal Astrology Chart Reading  $125

Animal Guide Reading

MedicineCardsYou have Spirit Guide Animals that protect and guide you along your life’s journey.  Learn how lowly Ant may have just as much to teach you as mighty Whale!  Connect with the exciting world of animals Mother Nature shares with you each day!  Discover which Animals serve you and how to communicate with the spirit of those animals.

30-minute Telephone Reading  $75