PastLifeDo you want to delve more deeply into your life’s purpose? Know more about your Spirit Guides? Strengthen your intuitive ability? Have support and inspiration as your journey toward wholeness?  Spiritual Coaching can help you with these and other spiritual issues in your life. I offer this service with Samantha Fey.

Your receive two 45-minute telephone meetings each month with us together in which we discuss your goals and progress.  You also receive an encouraging email from one or the other of us on the alternate weeks.  You get tons of handouts to guide you along your path toward a more fulfilling spiritual life!

Please note that coaching is not meant to be a substitute for mental health services. If you are seeing a therapist, DO NOT substitute coaching for your on-going therapy.  If, in our work together, we feel  therapy would be more helpful and appropriate, you should schedule an appointment with a therapist.

Spiritual Coaching one-month trial  $250

Spiritual Coaching three-month intensive  $600 (a $150 savings!)