Purple FlowersI am both humbled and overwhelmed by my responsibility to this little plot of Mother Earth I call home.  And grateful – beyond grateful am I.

It’s hard work to reclaim land that has laid fallow for almost three years, as I have focused energy elsewhere.

I am grateful to the Devic Realm and the Guardian Spirits of the plants who teach and work with me as I plant each plant. I am grateful to my friend Will and his gentle, careful work here.  “We don’t want to mess with this corner, do we?  Fairies live back here, don’t they?” he asked.  Indeed they do, I replied.

I stand in awe of the unfolding drama that is Spring in my back yard.  Dogwoods and tulip magnolias that were a riot of color yesterday drop their flowers in a profusion of brilliant leaves today.  Green, green, green – every shade imaginable – everywhere I look!  New growth on the camellia bush outside my office window and on the gardenias outside my bedroom window.  Sweet betsy bursts in heady fragrance, and the honeysuckle and jasmine will overwhelm my senses soon.

My neighbors would like me to mow the front yard more often, but I resist, giving the dandelions a chance to bloom, feeding the bees.  A new bed in the front yard is filling in with flowers and herbs and vegetables (yes – the front yard!)

goddess spiral color w earthAnd the back yard – a new bed centered and anchored by a frame in the shape of the Goddess (sort of like this one), with moon flower and morning glory vines soon trailing up her body, hopefully a home for nesting birds and prayer ribbons tied around her.

I saw a similar idea in the apple orchards of Avalon a few years ago, and finally am attempting my own version.

It is taking a village to create the sacred space for which I am responsible – Will, Linda, Susan, Raven, Meg, and Mother Earth Herself.

Maybe I can also begin to think outside my own land.  My neighbors and I have been talking about a community garden.  Who knows where the ripples will lead?

Blessed be,


Photo copyright: Susan Bollinger

Goddess art copyright: Raven Davis Chitalo