Mary Magdalene agrees with Douglas Adams, who wrote “Don’t panic,” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy.  More on this in a minute.

My last blogpost about the missives I’ve received from Mary Magdalene was last August.  Oh believe me, she’s continued to talk, and I’ve continued to transcribe what’s she’s said.  I just haven’t found a way to articulate what she’s said in a way that is concise and cohesive, until now.  If you need to catch up on past blogposts about Mary Magdalene’s messages I’ve received, start here with the very first one

“Don’t panic,” she says repeatedly.  It’s difficult not to panic in today’s unsettled global political climate, in today’s violence, in today’s seemingly unending hatred by one group toward another, in today’s rape and desecration of Mother Earth, her skies and her waters, in today’s loss of many species of “animal” people, and in today’s stress and anxiety of simply trying to survive in the world of billions of people.

In the wake of the most recent horrors, I asked Mary Magdalene how anyone could possibly remain calm, could continue to trust and believe that the world will survive.  How can I NOT panic? How can we hope? I asked.

“I once told you that hope is all you have.  That isn’t exactly what I meant.  Stop hoping,” she replied. “Hoping takes you to the future, and the future never comes.  There is only NOW. The future is now, here, right in front of you.”

For millennia, Mary Magdalene said, Ascended Masters have come to teach ways in which all beings can live in harmony.  They have come at various times in various locations around the globe to give people tools for peace, for living in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth  “I am not only referring to my beloved Jesuf, or even other well-known Masters, but those unnoticed and unsung beings who are knowingly bearers of light to the planet.  Most of all, I refer to those bearers of light who do not even realize they are such.”

“When all of you realize the huge responsibility you have to bear witness to pain and suffering, to beam rays of healing light and love NOW, not in some distant future, you will understand why I say ‘hope’ is useless. You must act, and you must act NOW.  The world has gone far beyond and away from the message I gave you a year ago about hope,” she said.

“And you mustn’t panic,” she said.

“You must begin within yourself.  You must create peace within yourself.  My next teaching will focus on how to manifest that peace within,” Mary Magdalene said.

“Simultaneously, you must begin to understand at a deep and abiding level that there really isn’t any ‘other.’  No one is separate from another.  Your new podcast, Deb & Friends Quest for Connection is proof that you are beginning to understand this concept, and we will guide you to understand it at an even deeper level soon.  In the meantime, continue to tone your water.  Here’s the link to the “water toning” blogpost   Water is life, as the Lakota people teach.

Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Note:  I am writing this blog post on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  The first Mary Magdalene blogpost I published was February 20, 2017.  Her first communication with me was February 20, 2016.  For two years now, I have been receiving messages from “Mary Magdalene.”  I have made a promise that I would write more consistently.  Watch for the next installment.

Blessed be,

Photo copyright 2016 Deb Bowen, text copyright 2018 Deb Bowen.