“While many of your readers are intrigued by my relationship with Jesus and my work after He left Earth, those stories must not be the focus of our work together,” Mary Magdalene told me.  “We have more pressing matters to discuss and you will hear more of my work in Europe in a later missive,” she said.

She reminded me that I am not the only person with whom she communicates.  She said, “I am a part of the Galactic Counsel of Elders who are continually downloading information to many regarding the shifts that are occurring on Mother Earth.”  One of those people also receiving this information is my friend Dale Rutman. She channels information from her Guides that is almost identical to the messages Mary Magdalene sends me, and she has been one of my primary supports since Mary Magdalene began to speak to me.  Dale is a hypnotherapist (trained by the late Delores Cannon in her Past Life Regression Techniques) a healer, intuitive and seeker.  She has worked in the field of the paranormal for many years.

Dale and I began receiving information at the same time about raising the vibrations of the planet, of all Earth beings, and especially the vibrations of water.  Remember that on planes other than Earth, vibrations are very fast.  The faster something or someone vibrates, the less dense they are, and the more light-like they become.

“We must help raise the vibration of water and then match our vibration to that of water,” Mary Magdalene said.  “As we raise our vibrations, we raise the vibration of Mother Earth.”

Dale’s Guides sent her a recipe for toning water so that vibrations of the water are raised to 440 Hz, which is the vibration of the musical note A above Middle C.  This is the universal tone of connectedness, I’ve been told.

Elixir for Raising the Vibration

You will need:
Small Herkimer Diamond
1 cup Spring Water or Mineral Water (if you can find a natural spring from the earth that is best)
Crystal or glass bowl (crystal toning bowl would be great) that is vortex in shape
Bottle to store the elixir – use a clear or blue bottle
Tuning Fork tuned to 440 Hz or above, tuned to the key of A

Put the Herkimer Diamond into the bottom of the bowl
Pour 1 cup of water into the bowl
Cup both hands around the bowl and set the intention to energize and raise the frequency of the water.
If you are using the toning bowl take the wand and move it around the bowl in a clockwise direction getting the sound as high as possible.  If using glass bowl use a spoon and move the water in the clockwise direction quickly 30 times.  You are creating a vortex.  Then reverse the direction and go counter clockwise getting the sound as high as possible or with a spoon stirring the water another 30 times, creating a vortex.  Reverse one more time and go clockwise.  Next strike the tuning fork and hold it as close to the side of the bowl as possible without touching the bowl (you do not want to stop the sound of the fork).  Once the sound has stopped strike it again and hold it on the opposite side of the bowl.   Strike the fork one more time and hold it over the top of the bowl.
Remove the Herkimer Diamond.
Pour the elixir into the bottle and keep refrigerated.
Drink 1/4 cup of elixir each day to raise your vibration. 

Mary Magdalene told me that raising our vibrations so that we become beings of light is paramount.

Notice, in the instructions above that Dale received, the comment about using a vortex-shaped vessel in which to stir the elixir.  Another name for such a vessel is a chalice, or a grail.

We will continue with this information in the next post, along with how we are being called upon to save the water on Mother Earth.

Mary Magdalene ended, as she has with every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Blessed be,


Written material copyright 2017 Deborah Bowen.  All rights reserved.