ocracoke sparkleThe moon is full today.  Full moons are for offering up gratitude.  New moons are for setting intentions.  At least, that’s what I’ve been taught and have practiced for many years.  I saw a post on facebook today about making wishes on tonight’s full moon.  That’s not what I’m doing.

Instead, I will reread the items on my gratitude list very slowly, really thinking about how grateful I am for so much in my life.  I also will add new thoughts to the list.  Gratitude is an ever-evolving practice for me.  For example, I am grateful to those of you who read this post.  I am grateful for breath.  I am grateful to be alive and live in such a magical place on such a beautiful day!

Think about the moon this way:  When the moon is new, it’s a time for new beginnings.  As the moon grows (waxes) toward fullness, the intentions we set at the new moon are growing into fruition, or are growing closer to becoming a reality.  At the full moon, think of abundance overflowing, spilling in love toward us as we offer up gratitude for all the gifts in our lives.  As the moon shrinks toward new again (wanes), we are given an opportunity to release, let go of, banish, that which no longer serves us or is not for our highest good.

Go outside tonight and look up.  Even if you can’t see the moon behind the clouds or through the rain or snow, the moon is still there.  Just take a deep breath and say “Thank you.”  Just “Thank you.”  That’s enough.

If you’d like to learn more about working with the Moon’s energy, check out my downloadable course on my “Services” page!

Blessed be,


Photo: Deb Bowen