Follower’s Appreciation MONTH!

MEDIATATION---4I’m so grateful for my connection with you!  To show my appreciation for you during the holidays, I’d like to send you my new “Many Paths To Meditation” CD, which teaches you six meditation techniques (a $20 value)!  Here’s all you have to do:

1.  Follow my blogs via email at the bottom of every web page, or at the bottom of every blog post/article!

2.  Invite FIVE friends who are not already on my mailing list to follow BOTH blogs.  Ask your friends to invite five friends who aren’t on my mailing list, and I’ll send them a CD too!

3.  After all SIX of you are followers, send me your mailing address and I’ll send you the CD!  EASY!!!

This offer good for December, 2013.  CD will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of your email list of your five friend who “follow” my blog!

Spiritual Coaching

CoachingOur spiritual coaching clients are having such fun discovering so many wonderful aspects of their intuitive journey!  The work is creative, insightful, and challenging, they tell us.  Join Samantha Fey and me in this exciting program.  Each month you receive two 45-minute phone calls from the two of us together, and a weekly email from one or the other of us.  Cost is $250 per month, or only $600 for three months.  You can register on my “Store” page or email me for more information!

My Soul Is in That Water

As I write this blog, hazy light plays across Pamlico Sound and a Great Blue Heron stand silent sentinel at the water’s edge.  Here, where salt water meets the horizon and gulls wheel in a never-ending sky dance, my soul is at peace.

The locals call tourists “dingbatters who mommick everything up.”  I suppose I am a dingbatter on this fragile sparkling island, but I try not to mommick things up.  I try to appreciate every moment of the beauty that surrounds me.

This morning, as I walked barefooted in the cold November surf, my appreciation was rewarded with an exquisite scallop shell.  Scallop shell has, for centuries, represented one’s spiritual pilgrimage.  For me, being here on this barrier island, two hours away from the mainland, is both sacred pilgrimage to Neptune’s shrine, and homecoming to Mother Goddess Ocean.

Blessed be,