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OpeningChakrasEveryone is psychic.  PsychicTeachers (my podcast that airs live each Sunday at 9 pm eastern on www.blogtalkradio.com/psychicteachers with Samantha Fey) tell our listeners and clients this all the time.  That little nudge on your morning commute that says, “Turn here to avoid an accident in the next block” is psychic ability.  That knowing that your child just fell off her bike, the foreknowledge of who’s calling on the phone, the flash of an old friend’s face who will send you an email later today – all are clues that you’re psychic (or intuitive – we use the terms interchangeably).

What do you do to increase your ability so that you’re more focused in your intent? Perhaps learn to do psychic readings or develop some other divination skill? Learn to use your abilities to help and heal others?  Here are the first three steps.

1. Meditate, meditate, meditate!!  We gets lots of sighs from our coaching clients when we say this is FIRST!!  “I don’t have time.” “I can’t sit still.” “I can’t stop thinking.”  I teach a program called “One minute meditation” that will jump-start your practice.  You also can walk, dance and drum your way to meditation.  With consistent practice, there is a stillness inside you that leads you to communication with your guides and angels.

2.  Balance your chakras.  The seven major chakras of your body form a pipeline between you and your Higher Self, your Guides and the Divine.  When they are all spinning at the same rate, are the same size, and are open and receptive to psychic information, your intuitive ability escalates.  You might like my chakra guided meditation to help you along, or my friend Samantha Fey’s chakra balancing program (www.samanthafey.com).

3. Study, read, learn.  Devour all the books you can on how others have developed their abilities.  Read the autobiographies of modern psychics.  Read the classics in the field.  Visit reputable websites such as the ARE site (Edgar Cayce’s foundation) or the Monroe Institute’s website.  WARNING:  Ask your guides for the gift of discernment before you begin, so that you are assured that what you are reading is for your highest good!

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