blessed beI’m keeping an eye on a tropical wave off the coast of Cape Verde right now.  So far this year, the US east coast has been blessed with a fairly quiet hurricane season.   As an old beach girl, I probably focus way too much energy on watching the weather each fall.   But it’s better to be prepared, my grandma always said.

I’m also living in excited anticipation of cooler weather.  I can’t wait for the terrarium in which I live to chill out and become crisp and clear.  Sweater weather makes me come alive!  Decorating for fall is one of my great joys.

The problem with living in both dread and anticipation is that I miss the moment.  I miss the NOW of my life.  And I venture that you do too.

My task as a psychic and spiritual coach is to work with clients to assess where they’ve been in their lives, examine their current situation, and gain insights into the future so that they are moving toward living their life’s purpose.   I love doing this work because it is so rewarding to see people develop into who they were meant to be.

I usually ask clients this question: “What is one thing you can do right NOW to move yourself toward your goal?”  That’s a hard question for most of us.  Ask yourself, and see what you answer.  No qualifiers allowed (“I could do …. except for…..”). Give yourself permission to DO, and you CAN!!

If you’d like to learn more about readings and working with me and Samantha Fey in our Spiritual Coaching program or in our Spiritual Business Coaching program, see those sections of this website under “Services.”

In the meantime, I’m going for a walk on the beach NOW!!