candle fallThe excitement of Halloween (Samhain) is past, and Thanksgiving and Yule are yet come (regardless of what the advertisers tell you!).  It is in the long twilights of frosty November that we have time for deep introspection.

Who am I? Where am I going? How do I want to live my life in the year to come? Now, not New Year’s Eve, is the best time to ponder those questions.  This month, with its deepening shadows, is the in-between time for me.  Quiet nights with a cup of tea curled up by the wood stove are the times I spend asking myself these questions.  Or walking the beach, feeling the stinging salt breeze in my face and the cool sand beneath my feet, gives me the luxury of contemplating my life, my relationships, my goals, and my mission in this lifetime.

Use your intuition to lead you to answers.  Ask your Guides and loved ones on the other side to help you.  Get a Tarot reading or have a Past Life Regression Session.  Journal your answers.

Use this time before the madness of the next holidays is upon us to go within.  I have a very old t-shirt that says, “the irony is this: if you don’t go in, you can’t find out.”  True statement.

Blessed be,