Humble apologies for the lapse in posts about Mary Magdalene’s information for us this month.  While I have been busy attending to some personal shifts, Mary Magdalene has been speaking in my ear, and I’m happy to share her words with you.

“Water crises all around the globe,” she said recently.  Many of you, of course, know about the water issues in Flint, Michigan, and now along the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.   “There are many more, and many more yet to be discovered,” she said.

We know about the lack of water around the globe, and how unsafe it is to drink in some places.  We’ve known about these concerns for years, particularly in areas of Africa.  Now these problems are surfacing in developed countries.

“Surely,” Mary Magdalene said, “you know about corporations buying up rights to water?”  I do know.  I’ve been keeping up with the news.

I’m trying very hard to understand how someone, or some corporate entity, can “own” water.  I mean that statement in both an ethical and spiritual sense.

A friend’s son graduated high school this spring.  When I asked what gift he would like, he said he wants to study the connection between physics and spirituality.  I gave him Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water.

Can you entertain the notion that water has consciousness, that its vibration and energy change in response to the way we humans treat it and talk to it, as Emoto postulates?

If you can, then you might wonder, as I have, about the many ways water may choose react to this new phase of global water crises.

Mary Magdalene asked me to remind to you that when you tone water and drink it, you not only raise your own vibration, but that of all water around the planet.  In case you missed the instructions for doing this, here they are again:

This recipe comes from my friend Dale Rutman’s Guides.  They sent her a recipe for toning water so that vibrations of the water are raised to 440 Hz, which is the vibration of the musical note A above Middle C.  This is the universal tone of connectedness, I’ve been told.

Elixir for Raising the Vibration

You will need:
Small Herkimer Diamond
1 cup Spring Water or Mineral Water (if you can find a natural spring from the earth that is best)
Crystal or glass bowl (crystal toning bowl would be great) that is vortex in shape
Bottle to store the elixir – use a clear or blue bottle
Tuning Fork tuned to 440 or above, tuned to the key of A


Put the Herkimer Diamond into the bottom of the bowl.
Pour 1 cup of water into the bowl.
Cup both hands around the bowl and set the intention to energize and raise the frequency of the water.
If you are using the toning bowl take the wand and move it around the bowl in a clockwise direction getting the sound as high as possible.  If using glass bowl use a spoon and move the water in the clockwise direction quickly 30 times.  You are creating a vortex.  Then reverse the direction and go counter clockwise getting the sound as high as possible or with a spoon stirring the water another 30 times, creating a vortex.  Reverse one more time and go clockwise.  Next strike the tuning fork and hold it as close to the side of the bowl as possible without touching the bowl (you do not want to stop the sound of the fork).  Once the sound has stopped strike it again and hold it on the opposite side of the bowl.   Strike the fork one more time and hold it over the top of the bowl.
Remove the Herkimer Diamond.
Pour the elixir into the bottle and keep refrigerated.
Drink 1/4 cup of elixir each day to raise your vibration.

Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

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Blessed be,