“Now, more than ever before,” Mary Magdalene says, “you must not live in fear.  To succumb to fear is to give way to anger, and anger is lethal.  Now more than ever, let the waters of the world remind you of your connection to All That Is.”
For more than a month now, with escalation in existing global and local crises, and with each new horrific situation that emerges, I’ve felt impending doom.  “You not give way to terror,” Mary Magdalene said.  “Each week on your PsychicTeachers podcast, you tell thousands of listeners to ‘Be the Light.’  So, too, must you be a beacon, beloved daughter,” she said.
To be a beacon is to shine forth, to bring solace to those searching for safe harbor, to guide those who would capsize on the shoals away from the crushing waves.  No wonder so many people love lighthouses at the sea!  Mary Magdalene said, however, that “being” the light isn’t enough.
“You must live in kindness.  You must live in love.  Each of you individually is the key to showing those who live with pain and anger in their hearts, and those who would bring about destruction to Mother Earth and Her children, the way to find the light within themselves,” Mary Magdalene said.
“Those who are hate-filled, those who wish harm, or even death, to those who are different from themselves are really so very sad.  They are so filled with fear and lack of understanding,” she said.
“Those who are greed-filled, those who seek riches above relationships, must be shown that financial gain is temporary, that power is fleeting.  True wealth cannot be bought with money.  True wealth comes in love, in kindness, in friendship, in glorious sunrises, in the heights of the mountains and the depths of the seas.
“Send forth rays of loving kindness toward those who are so fear-filled, anger-filled and destruction-focused, so that they may see the light.  When they are able to see the light of loving kindness shining on them, they will know a profound truth:
“They, too, can be filled with love instead of fear. All they need do is believe it so, and so it is. To believe, and act on, changing one’s perspective from hate to love is to be born anew in this lifetime.  Value and honor the gifts and bounty from Mother Earth, beloved daughter.  Seek to find common ground with all Earth’s children – two-legged, four-legged, swimming, crawling, flying, and standing children, Her lands and her flowing waters.
Let the water you are toning heal the fear within you, and raise your vibration toward peace,” Mary Magdalene said.

Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

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