Mary Magdalene’s message during our first session was about divine connectedness and of non-duality.

She spoke of stones and symbols I’d be guided to use to help me connect with her, and of symbols already a part of the lexicon of my spiritual understanding.

Her first words:

“I come to you this first time, beloved daughter, to tell you that I have been waiting for you for a very long time.  Longer, even than your earth time.  I rejoice that you are now ready to hear.  There are others on earth who deliver other aspects of my messages right now, but you will be given specific information that you best can give.”

I wanted to stop her, ask her what “longer than earth time” meant, but she talked fast, and it would have been rude to interrupt her.  She did, in this first session and in others, tell me some about her life in Judea, Egypt and Gaul, but she was very clear that these aspects of her life in the incarnation of Mary Magdalene were insignificant in comparison to the message I am to deliver.  I will, in later entries, share some of this information as it relates to her message.

“There is much I need to tell you about the stone you hold as we began our communication.  The stone you were guided to hold to help you contact me you call Chiastolite, the Cross Stone.  You were not guided to hold this stone, beloved daughter, because it is a cross in the Christian sense, but because of the work you are doing to teach about connection and non-duality in the coming new world.  You discussed this symbol recently, and you should take my message as validation for your work.  There are other “cross” symbols that are important to you, and we will discuss one of those momentarily.

Mary Magdalene continued, “We must speak this first time of the need for humanity to think beyond duality.  Beyond black and white, beyond right and wrong, beyond male and female, beyond you and me, beyond us and them, even beyond heaven and earth and beyond our bodies.”

 “Duality is a human concept meant to breed derision and discord.  Dualistic thinking is born from fear.  People fear that which they do not understand, that which they perceive as “other.”  In reality, there is no “other.” 

 “There was a time, many millennia ago, when there was no hierarchy, no separation among beings and the planet Herself.  An intrinsic understanding existed regarding the vital connection among all life.  While each being had a role to play, each role was considered as important as any other.  Everything was – and is – alive.  What makes us different is the rate at which we vibrate, but you know this already.  You deeply understand the concept of ‘we are all related.’”

 “What is important is that you share this concept with others.  You know that you, and an ant, and an elephant and a tree and a rock are all the same, because there is no you, ant, elephant, tree and rock.  There simply is energy vibrating at various rates, and we assign names to those energy fields such as you, ant, elephant, tree and rock.  When we can comprehend this, we can truly live in harmony.  When we can comprehend this, we can truly know that to harm one part of the whole is to harm all of it.”

 After this meditation, I researched Chiastolite in Melody’s Love Is In the Earth stone book.  Here’s a summary from my journal:  “Chiastolite, or the cross-stone, is a sign of devotion toward awareness, which dispels negativity.  It offers a way to understand both morality and immortality.  It helps one to traverse difficult situations, and offers a “password” for entry and exit into and out of astral and mental travel.  It carries the properties of Andalucite, which promotes expertise in allegorical interpretation and provides clarification of materials from ancient texts.  It aids in awakening inner knowledge, allowing one to access knowledge from the spiritual plane via channeling.  It facilitates clarity of the messages received.”

The next sentence in my journal reads, “Well, damn.”  A sense of wonder at this deep awakening is occurring within me.  I don’t trust this communication yet, but I’ve worked with crystals long enough to trust the work of the stone in my hand.

 “Your study of sacred geometry and numerology also has been preparation for the work you are doing regarding non-dualistic thinking.  The symbol on the ring you wear speaks to this.”

Here, she showed me my beloved Vesica Pisces.

“Do you see the cross?  In the above position, within the cross is the symbol of the fish, the Piscean symbol of Jesus’ time.  The cross also represents the four directions/four elements (east, south, west, north/air, fire, water, air).”

“Turned on its side, the cross becomes horizontal, and now becomes an almond-shaped mandorla, representing the vulva of the goddess, the sign of the Aquarian age.  The cross still represent the four directions/four elements.  The two inter-locking circles become the basic building blocks of sacred geometry.  Just as important, the two circles represent duality merging, become one in the goddess.  As we move from duality, we also move from our human form into our holographic light bodies.”

I told Mary Magdalene I understood, in theory at least, what she had said to me.  It is the same information I’d learned from the Lakota tradition and quantum physics.  The bigger question, I said, is “So what do we do to move beyond duality? To truly see and act on our connectedness?

 “A renaissance of change is coming.  You will not see it as such, initially.  It will feel dark and frightening within a year from now.  Trust.  A new world of hope will follow.  The fear and anger encasing the children of Earth right now will give way in the next year to a global movement of hope and love.  It will take time, but it is vital that you remind everyone who will read this that they must be a part of that change.  Love the world in small ways.  Love the world in big ways.  Be sure that every act is one of love.”

 “I sense you need time to think about what I’ve said to you.  We will move forward when you are ready.”

 She ended with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Blessed be,


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