Have you ever sat on the beach and just known that Mother Ocean sensed (and often mirrored) your emotions?  Have you walked in the woods and felt as if the birds and trees rejoiced in your presence?

You communicate with your pet, right?  I don’t mean just verbally.  Aren’t there times when you look deep into her eyes and you know, and you know she knows, what each other is thinking and feeling?  How do you know this to be true?

It is true because one of the ways all beings communicate is by matching the rate at which they vibrate with each other.  You do this with your partner, your child, your friends.  You do this when you are in a place that resonates with you, such as the sea or the woods.  You do this with “things” you love.

“Humanity must use more than its five senses if it is overcome what appears to be cataclysmic events unfolding on the planet right now,” Mary Magdalene said in one of her recent missives.  “That you teach people to use, and trust, their intuition is one of the reasons we have called you,” she said.

“You must do better at helping people understand non-duality and connectedness,” she explained.  “Your last post needs elaboration.  You type, we’ll dictate.” (Who she means by “we” is for a later post.)

So here it is.

Every entity on Mother Earth, and Mother Earth Herself, is alive because every entity is energy and energy is alive and can’t be destroyed.  That “aliveness” is manifested in every entity’s ability to vibrate.  This concept is quantum physics 101.

This idea doesn’t just apply to beings we think of as being “alive.”  This even means the keys I am touching as I type this sentence.  What makes each entity unique is the rate at which it vibrates.  The coalescing of energy into various forms moving at various rates is what gives us the concept of what we sense (and name) an entity to be – computer, woman, book, rock – for example.

Some years ago I visited the Holy Isle of Avalon, traveling to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Cornwall and other sacred sites in southwest Great Britain.  I took my pendulum with me because I wanted to feel the energy of these places in my hand.  I was surprised when, at each location, my pendulum did not swing, but rather vibrated on its chain as I held it over rocks and earth.  It took me a while to realize that my pendulum, made of Rutilated Quartz with a Moldavite handle, was vibrating because it was connecting with the energy coming from the stones and earth beneath it.  It was as if they were saying “How nice to see you again!”

Still with me?

If non-duality means there is no “other” because we are all energy, vibrating at various rates, then there is no room for divisive thinking.

However, we have become a world that dichotomizes relationships in service to materialism, greed, territoriality, and ego.  We vilify “the other” because we want, and feel we are entitled to, what he has, or because we are afraid he will take that which is “ours.”  The “other” becomes the enemy, a stereotype for that which we hope we are not.  We justify our deeds by claiming a superior deity who commands us to kill the killer.  We portray “the other” as different from us, and therefore must be destroyed.  The irony is that, in our hearts, we know that “the other” is the same as us.

We are killing ourselves.  We must stop.

“Conflict, violence, and injustice stem from the fearful perception of differences; compassion and caring are born from connectedness and tolerance. This is not to condone all acts, however, if we can attempt an understanding of our shared humanity, we can walk more upright on a common ground for peace,” says my wonderful friend Etta.

“We need to see each other as ourselves, and love and respect the energy that is our sameness,” Mary Magdalene said.

She also meant, in the above statement, Mother Earth herself, which is the topic of the next post.

Mary Magdalene ends, as she has with every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”
Blessed be,


Photo: Deb Bowen

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