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Creating a Fairy-filled Garden

for All Your Senses!

Wednesday, June 8

6:00 – 8:00 pm

at Mystic Elements

Only $30 and you receive a free plant!

Call Mystic Elements to Register (910) 799-1001

mystic elementsYou’ll learn some garden tricks to make gardening so much easier – no weeds, no tilling, no kidding!  You’ll get great ideas on how to create gardens that calm you, that excite you, and that tickle all your senses.  You’ll learn how to connect with the Spirit of your plants so that your garden is a collaborative effort between you.  And….you’ll learn how to invite fairies, and birds and worms (yes – you want worms!) into your yard, and how to work with the five elements for beauty and function.  Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, and whether you have acres or a cement patio, this workshop is for you!

Bring: a sketch or photo of the space you want to design, colored pencils or markers, paper, and a ruler.