OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe basic tenet of my beliefs is connection.  In order to do the psychic work I do, I must learn and practice the notion of connectedness – my connectedness to Universal Spirit, to my Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals, to every being on Earth and to Mother Earth herself.  In order to do the work I do, I must be still and meditate; I must listen to information coming to me from my connection to Spirit.  My chakras must be aligned and balanced (this is hard to maintain!).

I must have a working knowledge of, and respect for, world beliefs and religions, while simultaneously being firmly grounded in my personal beliefs.  I must be mindful that spirituality and religion are very different things.

I must understand the concepts of metaphysics (“meta” means “beyond”).  I need to understand that science and spirituality are deeply connected. Long before I began my journey with Tarot, I had studied the great metaphysical masters: Edgar Cayce, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery, Jeanne Dixon, St. Germaine, the Findhorn movement, A.E. Waite, Carl Jung and many others.  I had studied Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Paganism.  I’m embarrassed to say my study of Islam came after 9/11.

I had studied the physicists who were working on spiritual connection: Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan; and have since studied Robert Presnig, Gary Zukov, Gregg Braden, Emoto, and many others.

My search for connectedness led me to study the idea of the Divine Feminine and eco-feminism with Starhawk, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Margot Adler, Sue Monk Kidd, Marian Zimmer Bradley and others.  And that search led me to the Holy Grail Legend and Mary Magdalene and the goddess of Avalon.

When the first wave of nationally known psychics hit America, I devoured their work.  Here’s what I found in all of their writings:  they, too, had studied.  They, too, had a deep and abiding faith.  From John Holland to John Edward to James Van Praagh, to many others, I learned that I was on track in my need for connection in order to do this work well.  

Don’t be overwhelmed when reading the above.  I’ve been on this path for more than 45 years.  If you’d like to discuss how YOU might approach the wonderful world of spiritual connection, let me know.  I’d be happy to discuss ideas with you!

So here’s how all of the above has come together for me:

  • I offer intuitive readings for people as they search for answers and meaning in their lives. These readings include Tarot, Medicine Cards, Astrology and Numerology.
  • I offer past-life regression sessions for people who need to understand their purpose(s) in this lifetime and who need to know how and why they are connected to certain other people and places.
  • I offer spiritual coaching to people who want to delve deeper into their soul’s purpose and create a path that carries them forward on their spiritual journey.
  • I conduct clearings and blessings for homes, offices, and other spaces.
  • I am an ordained minister.  I officiate at weddings, holy unions, baby christenings, memorial services and rites of passage ceremonies.
  • I co-host, with Samantha Fey, a radio show heard by more than 10,000 people each week.  It’s free and available on both Blogtalkradio and down-loadable from iTunes – www.blogtalkradio.com/psychicteachers.
  •  I offer workshops and training on many subjects.  Here is a sampling:

Psychic Protection

Developing Your Intuition

House Clearing


The Power of Three

Spiritual Gardening



Chakras and auras

Energy Vampires and Psychic Protection

  • I coordinate CroneWorks, an organization which presents retreats and training around the country.  Past workshop themes include:

Practical Spirituality for Women: Creating Peace in Ourselves and Our World

Claiming Home

The Courage of Spirit

Spiral to the Dream and Awaken to Connection

Wild Woman Finds Home

Creating Rituals and Altars

I’d be honored to discuss bringing any of myservices to you and your friends, or to your area!