ChairI’ve returned from my pilgrimage filled with excitement and commitment to my spiritual work!  Here’s what’s new:

INTUITIVE BUSINESS COACHING – Samantha Fey and I teach you how to successfully begin or enhance your intuitive work!  Learn details under the “Services” tab on my homepage.

“INVITING CRYSTALS INTO YOUR LIFE” – new MP3 download course!  Which crystals are right for you? How do you know? How do you clean them and work with them?  Answers to these questions – and more!  Learn details under the “Services” tab on my homepage.

“MYSTERIES OF TAROT” – new MP3 download course!  What is Tarot, really? How do I choose a Tarot deck?  How will I ever learn the meaning of all those cards? How do I give a reading?  Learn details under the “Services” tab on my homepage.

Note that my homepage has been enhanced so that fewer clicks get you where you want to go!  Just click on “Services” and a great menu pops up, with easy paypal buttons for quick ordering!

AND – MORE surprises to come within the next few days!