PastLifePast Life Regression Helps!

When I was 20 I walked into my friend Jean’s house for the first time and knew I had come “home.”  And that connection between us has been true for 42 years.  She and I have been priestesses, nuns, and gypsies together.  She has been my mother and I have been hers.  How do we know this to be true?  Through past life regression sessions.

Past life regression sessions do NOT require you to be hypnotized.  In a session with me you are awake, but relaxed, and are aware of yourself in the present.  However, you are able to see other lifetimes, other relationships, and other places.  Knowing about your connection (or aversion) to a particular place, time in history, or person helps you understand your life’s purposes in THIS lifetime.

Clients ask me how I know these experiences aren’t my imagination.  In a regression session some years ago I found I was a male yak herder on the Mongolian plains.  Would I ever, in my wildest imagination, thought this of myself?  Not likely!

I offer Past Life Regression sessions in person and over the telephone.  Usually we are able to visit about three past lives.  Sessions last about an hour and a half.  Cost is only $200.  Please see my SERVICES page if a session calls to you.