Tuesday, October 25th

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(910) 799-1001

Join Professor De Borah (Deb Bowen) and Professor Fox (Kimberley Coffman) in this hands-on workshop that teaches you the magical properties of herbs and oils and how to combine them to manifest abundance, honor the ancestors, and banish unpleasantness! You’ll leave with a head full of useful information to get you started in making your own potions and magical mixes as well as be able to create and take home your very own magical mix in a keepsake bottle!
This is the first in the four nights of the Mystic Elements Night School of Mystery & Magic.  This is a fun opportunity to dress up in witch and wizard costumes and get into the Halloween spirit while exploring the real magic behind the “Harry Potter” AND receiving an actual education that can help you begin to work with energies and shift your own lives in a magical direction.