The Fool's Calling: Your Personal Myths and Archetypes in Arcane Symbol

THIS is the in-depth Tarot course you requested me to create! You can register any time you like for this self-paced course! A new lesson is emailed to you each Monday for 38 weeks.

What you need to do: 1.  Click on the Add To Cart button below and pay for the course. 2.  When I get a notice from Paypal and my website that your payment is complete, I'll send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.  This email will include a REGISTRATION LINK to MailChimp.  You MUST complete the registration on Mailchimp before Sunday, NOON, eastern US time, in order for your first lesson to be emailed to you on the following Monday. PLEASE be sure you enter your correct email address. (This course is delivered ONLY FROM MAILCHIMP to the email address you provide, so you will miss it if we don’t have your correct email address.) 3.  You also need to respond to my email, telling me you have completed the MailChimp registration. I will respond, verifying that your registration is complete. 4.  See information below about the required Tarot deck and textbook required for this course. Venture deeply with me into the myths, legends, beliefs, and cultures of Tarot in this exciting self-paced 38-week course! Tarot wisdom guides your path to your deepest self, while this esoteric knowledge hides in plain sight on the 78 keys of traditional Tarot. The reverse meanings of the 78 enhance their meanings, so really there are 156 keys – thus the price of this course – only $1 per key!

The Fool’s Calling course is self-paced, so you can join anytime!

How the course works:
  • Week 1: you receive an email with a written course overview, as well as a link to a video, about the course structure and more.
  • Weeks 2 – 22: each week you receive an email packed with information about the mystical meanings of a Major Arcana key. We discuss the 22 Major Arcana keys in order - The Fool to The World. We dive into how The Fool’s journey relates to your life. We explore the archetype of The Fool's pilgrimage through life, and we'll spend time delving into the quest for the Holy Grail and the Magdala - and more!
  • Weeks 23 – 38: we journey our way through the 56 Minor Arcana keys, moving from Cups to Wands to Swords to Pentacles.
  • AND – you’ll get a video reviewing course materials as we complete the Major Arcana. This video also will lead you into the Minor Arcana suits.
  • AND I’ll offer opportunities for you to email me questions which I will answer in a video at the half-way point of the course and a video at the end of the 38 weeks.
NEW to Tarot? No problem! This course lays the foundation for a deep exploration of the knowledge that supports the meaning of Tarot.  This course is not a course in divination or intuitive skills, but rather grounds you in the underpinnings of the meanings and symbols of the keys. While I've taught Tarot and other metaphysical courses for 40 years, I'm thrilled to now offer you this deep dive into the richness of Tarot. Here are some questions this course answers:
  • Why on some keys do we see Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman symbols? How do they work together?
  • How does knowing the mythology related to the keys enhance your understanding of symbols on the keys?
  • Why do some symbols, such as flowers, pillars, feathers and lions repeat on various keys?
  • What do landscapes and buildings tell us about our journey through Tarot?

The Fool’s Calling course began on APRIL FOOL’S DAY – April 1, 2024. However, you can begin the course anytime thereafter.

 Each week, if  you don't see that week's lesson in your inbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK, PROMOTION, SOCIAL and other folders.  PLEASE NOTE: no refunds can be given after I have emailed you the first week's materials. Below are the deck and book you’re required to have in order to successfully complete The Fool’s Calling.   While there are thousands of Tarot decks today, the Waite-Smith-Rider deck is the ONLY deck from which I teach. It’s more than 100 years old, and is based on an early deck from the Middle Ages.  Its universal symbolism is the most comprehensive, and is easy to learn.  Please be sure you get the EXACT deck that is packaged as the one in the photo. There are other versions of this deck, but they lack the clarity and color of this deck. PLEASE PURCHASE IT for this course!                 I will use several books as my reference guides for this course.  However, while there are thousands of Tarot books today, Eden Gray’s classic is the PRIMARY book from which I teach. I’ve been working from this book for more than 40 years, and it is the most comprehensive companion to the Waite-Smith-Rider deck I know. PLEASE PURCHASE IT for this course!