Common threads you might want to think about run through major celestial events happening now, in June.  They can be summed up in two words: re-examine and choose.

I’ve gotten emails and facebook messages asking me to make sense of all these events. I am certainly not an astrologer, but I have researched in depth, and hope my synthesis of what’s happening astrologically is helpful to you.

Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Cancer two days ago, on June 18. While we think of Mercury retrograde as a time of communication difficulties and electronic upsets, this three-week reoccurring period is far more complex than that, and actually much more positive than that.

Mercury retrograde encourages us to reflect on our past, particularly in terms of how our past impacts us today and how it might in the future.  It is a time to re-examine who we have been (especially in the past three months since the last Mercury retrograde period), and to gain insights into who we wish to become.

How do your emotions affect how you think? In times such as these, of personal and cosmic confusion, what truly matters to you? What can we learn from the past that help shape a better world?  Choose and claim as your own those aspects of your past that are helpful, and release the rest.

The Solstice, which occurs today, June 20, moves us into the Sun sign of Cancer.  As you know, the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurs when Earth is nearest the Sun, making it the longest day of sunlight of the year.  Simultaneously, because of Earth’s tilt, today is the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, when Earth is farthest from the Sun, making it the shortest day of sunlight of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.  The Solstice is, like this Mercury retrograde period, a time of making decisions, of choosing which road you will take in life.

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer just a few hours after the Solstice occurs.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, is under the sign of the Crab, and is deeply connected to mothering and nurturing.  Because Cancer is a water sign, it is related to emotions and the ability metaphorically to swim through changing seas in our lives.  Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it also is a time for reflection about who we truly are, deep in the darkest parts of our psyche.

As the Moon is New in Cancer, we also experience a Solar Eclipse on June 21.  New Moons are, of course, about new beginnings, about setting intentions for the road ahead in our lives.  Because the Moon is new in Cancer, this is a great time to work on intuitive skills. Plumb the depths of the subconscious and see what bubbles up from the waters of intuition.

We often think of a Solar Eclipse as frightening, but in reality, a Solar Eclipse offers us an opportunity to seek new directions and a cosmic rebirth in our lives.  It is a time to release that which no longer serves you with grace and dignity.

Finally, Neptune goes retrograde on June 23.  Neptune is in its home House of Pisces, and will remain retrograde there until November 27.  Work with Neptune’s energy during this time for enhancing your intuitive ability and connecting with messages from your dreams.  This Neptune retrograde period can help you see the world around you from a new perspective, and help you move from a vague plan to clear organization and action.

So, here’s my simple ake-away in sifting through all of this:

We’ve had an amazing opportunity since the last Mercury retrograde in February/March to learn some really important lessons, both personally and universally.  Now, it’s decision-time.