StarNewsPicPsychic Protection: I am honored to host, with Sarah Rohrman, “Psychic Protection” workshop this coming Friday, March 28, 6-8 pm at Mystic Elements.  Call (910) 799-1001 to register.  Cost is only $35.   If you’ve ever been stalked by an energy vampire, this workshop is for you!

Spiritual Coaching, with Samantha Fey, is such a gift our clients tell us!  We work with you to define the goals of your spiritual life, and then help you achieve them!  We meet for 45 minutes twice monthly for three months via telephone, and we send you  supportive emails during the weeks between sessions.  Only $600 for the six sessions and emails.  AND  Samantha helps you to connect with your spirit guide and your life’s purposes.  You also can enroll in a trial program for only $250.  We speak twice via telephone with two emails between sessions.  Email me for details: