azaleaAs I write this, Mama and Daddy Cardinal are building a nest in the Camellia bush outside my office window.  Azaleas bloom in a riot of color. The Ornamental Cherry and Pear trees have already flowered and leafed, and the Dogwoods and Sweet Betsy aren’t far behind.  Tight buds are appearing on the roses.  Three new beds are prepared for herbs, vegetables and flowers.  AND my new, even-easier-to-navigate-than-before website is up!!!  Check out April’s upcoming events while you visit!

I’m still pulling up miniature oak trees the squirrels planted last winter as acorns, and still mulching leaves and stirring compost – some tasks are never done!

However, this transition time after the Vernal Equinox and the two powerful eclipses fills me with energy and gratitude.   I took a weekend off recently and went on a lovely meditative retreat.  The new purposely-blurry photos on my website homepage give you an idea of the beauty that surrounded me in such tranquility.

It is a time of a rebirth of wonder for me, a time of awakening to gifts given without asking – such is grace.  I am overcome with gratitude for the many shades of green around me, for the fire in the sky that is sunset this time of year, for sea water warming as the days grow longer, for the egrets that wing their way across my neighborhood from one salt water creek to another each day.

This equinox time of balance – earth, fire, water, air and spirit – is a blessing to us all.  I hope you revel in it.

Blessed be,


Photo: Deb Bowen