Spring takes courage.

Winter requires trust – believing that the darkness and the cold will truly end. Spring requires us to act. To do more. To do different. And sometimes, to do the same, repeatedly.

Spring demands that, at least for a moment in time, we stand poised to act, not from a place of rash action, but from a place of internal balance, deep within us. Spring calls to us in that moment, and prepares us for the action times ahead.

Spring grants us growth.

We are seeds, waiting for just the right conditions from which to sprout. While we are one of billions of seeds just like ourselves, our growth journey is uniquely our own. No one can grow for us. Our soil, our nutrients, our water – all the conditions that foster growth – are within us.

Spring brings Ostara, the pagan holiday honors birth, and renewal, and growth.  It is a time of joyful frolicking, symbolized by hares and eggs and all things green.

Spring teaches us balance.

Wednesday, March 20 is a busy day. The Vernal Equinox occurs at 5:58 pm eastern. The Storm Moon is full at 9:43 pm eastern. It is the Jewish holiday of Purim, the celebration of Esther.

At both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox there is a balance of day and night. They are of equal length on those two days only. Just as the Wheel of the Year spins and day and night each become longer or shorter as the year progresses, we, too honor the spinning of the wheel and have trust that balance will cycle around again.

Spring reminds us to be grateful.

As I approach Wednesday’s holidays with great joy, and with a very long to-do list, I offer up gratitude as Grandmother Moon reaches fullness. My posts on Instagram always end with the sentence “I am one blessed woman.” I know this is true. I am grateful for the changing of the season, for the storms that bring nurturing rains, for the turning of the Wheel. I am grateful for growth (albeit perhaps painful sometimes). I am grateful for brave women such as Esther. I am grateful for evolving into a Crone, a wise one, celebrating this stage of becoming with so many of you.

I am grateful for you who read this blog, who take my courses, with whom I connect on my podcasts. If you are (or are becoming) a Wise One, a Crone, I invite you to join my “Celebration of Crones” in May.  Details here:  https://debbowen.com/product/3623/

Spring instills us with promise of joy yet to come.

May you be joyful.

Blessed be,

Text and photo copyright Deb Bowen, 2019.  All rights reserved.