Rebirth of Wonder: See the Spirit

By | 2018-03-27T15:54:06+00:00 March 27th, 2018|Latest News|

“And I am awaiting perpetually and forever a renaissance of wonder.” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti A Blue Moon Friday night.  The Jewish festival of Passover.  The Christian holiday of Easter.  The recent celebration of the Equinox and the honoring of the changing seasons in so many traditions and world beliefs. This is, as Joel Hawkins said [...]

Spring Cleaning and Grace Given

By | 2016-12-27T15:28:09+00:00 March 30th, 2016|Latest News|

As I write this, Mama and Daddy Cardinal are building a nest in the Camellia bush outside my office window.  Azaleas bloom in a riot of color. The Ornamental Cherry and Pear trees have already flowered and leafed, and the Dogwoods and Sweet Betsy aren't far behind.  Tight buds are appearing on the roses.  Three [...]

Water, Air, Earth, Fire: A Moment of Gratitude

By | 2016-12-27T15:28:09+00:00 November 9th, 2015|Latest News|

Molasses Creek, a wonderful group of musicians from Ocracoke, NC, sings in one of their songs, "My soul is in that water." Mine too. In the water, with white-capped waves cresting over tidal pools and rippling sand.  In the water, with whales coming close to shore.  In the water, with sea beings too small for [...]

Tarot: The Minor Arcana and Its Four Suits

By | 2014-04-20T16:47:57+00:00 April 20th, 2014|Tarot Blog|

Now that we've studied the 22 keys of the Major Arcana, we're ready to explore the four suits of the Minor Arcana.  These suits are Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles, with a total of 56 cards.  Each suit is composed of  Ace - 10, and four Court cards - Page, Knight, Queen and King.  Some [...]

THIS Fri., Jan 10!House Clearing and Blessing Workshop

By | 2014-01-09T04:03:25+00:00 December 26th, 2013|Latest News|

Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 6 -8 pm  Only $30 at Mystic Elements Park Avenue, Wilmington, NC  Call Mystic Elements to register:  (910) 799-1001 We all know burning sage clears our space of negativity, but there's much more you need to learn to REALLY sanctifying space!  Learn how to use Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit [...]

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