150px-RWS_Tarot_07_Chariot[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=The Chariot represents a turning point in The Fool’s journey to enlightenment. There are 22 keys in the Major Arcana, with The Fool being numbered 0. The remaining 21 Keys are divided into three groups of seven, with each group representing a stage of The Fool’s journey. The Chariot, Key 7, is highly mystical in its meaning for The Fool’s journey. More on the numerology of these groups in a minute.

The Chariot embodies The Fool’s journey (and growth) through conscious thought, as expressed by an awareness of the Self. On the canopy above The Chariot shine the stars of celestial influence that guide the journey. The Charioteer’s diadem is crowned by an eight-pointed star, signifying dominion. The winged symbol on The Chariot’s front represents inspiration. In the center is the Hindu symbol for the union of positive and negative forces in the natural world. As we see in almost every key thus far, the call for balance continues, here signified by the sphinexes, which, uncontrolled, could attempt to pull The Chariot in opposing directions. The Charioteer holds in his right (masculine) hand the wand of will, and on his shoulders rest the lunar crescents of the divine feminine.

Numerologically, seven represents mysticism. Seven in the number of the adept, who has learned the secrets of the Arcane and can impart that knowledge to others. A combination of three (balance) and four (steadfastness), Seven joins together mind, body and spirit. Seven also is a number of completion. In the case of The Chariot, seven represents both. The Fool has learned many lessons with a quick and agile mind. Now it is time to journey forward into the next stage of the journey.

Be blessed,