150px-RWS_Tarot_09_Hermit[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=The Hermit is one of my favorite Keys in Tarot. He represents guidance, direction, and light. He stands on a snow-covered mountain, bearing in his right hand the Lamp of Truth, with Light shining within it in the form of the six-pointed Seal of Solomon, representing wisdom. The Seal also represents a balance of male and female energy. The Hermit holds in his left hand the staff of initiation for those who would but ask.

Numerologically, nine represents ultimate completion, the Trinity times three. In this Key, nine symbolizes both completion and a willingness to start a new cycle with the next Key.

This Key is about a search for truth, a thirst for knowledge, a willingness to put ourselves in the path of learning. The Hermit’s lonely stance represents that, most often, knowledge comes in the silence of meditation, the stillness of listening.

In Mary Stewart’s series on the Merlin legend Merlin’s teacher says to him, “Never turn from knowing, no matter how the knowing comes.” I suggest that, wherever you are along the path(s) to enlightenment, learn, learn, learn, and discern!

Be blessed,