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Once again, Tarot strives to teach us balance. In this key, a young man gazes out across the battlements of his castle to distant lands. In his left (feminine) hand he holds a flowering wand, signifying that growth and learning come from intuition. In his right (masculine) hand he holds a globe, telling us that all the world is ours, if we but ask. The second wand is stabilized by an iron ring, suggesting that, as we dream, we almost must be grounded in reality.

The battlements are adorned with red roses of desire and white lilies of purity, forming a equal-armed cross. Again comes the call for balance in our lives.

Most interpretations of this Key suggest a sense of boldness when embarking upon a new enterprise. For me, this Key often represents a desire for travel and adventure.

Reversed, this Key signifies a delay in a journey or an enterprise, a time to take stock of what we really want from life.

Blessed be,