“This, or something better” is the most valuable lesson I learned last year, and will carry forward into 2018.  I learned that when I attempt to manifest what I THINK I need/want, it is crucial to let go and let the Universe make the final decision.  Spirit always knows best.  It is always best to leave room in our prayers, affirmations, and manifestations for something more wonderful than what we requested.

My dream of moving back to the sea came true this past year.  I sold my house on the faith that my vision of living in a house within walking distance of the high tide line would come to fruition.  It did, but not in the way and in the timeframe I’d mapped out.  Spirit had better plans.

Unforeseen in my vision were the amazingly kind, generous, compassionate neighbors and friends who guided me as I navigated selling my house, moving to a new town in a new county, and beginning to learn the ways of the local folks. Unforeseen in my vision were the new friends who took me into a temporary home without knowing a thing about me, let me stay as long as I needed, fed me and walked with me as I searched for my permanent home that was not the one I’d planned.

Unforeseen was a move – finally – into a home that honors the amazing, fragile ecosystem of the maritime forest, that allows me to see boats anchored in rarified sunsets over the sound, that sends me the fragrance of the marsh at low tide, and the winds that herald a nor’easter and white caps on the sea’s horizon.

So on this first “work” day of 2018, I send up prayers of humble gratitude to Spirit who knows what is best for me far better than I do.  I offer thanks for the messages Spirit conveyed to me to trust, to be patient, to believe the signs that I would recognize when I had reached “home.”  I so appreciate the messengers Spirit directed to deliver the guidance.

Most of all, I am grateful that “this, or something better” reminds me to always believe there is a bigger plan than I can know.  Trust.  You will be guided.

Blessed be,

Copyright 2018.  Deb Bowen.  All rights reserved.