Peaceful WarriorI don’t like war.  I don’t like violence in any form.  So, I read Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior with some trepidation when it was originally published.  I thought I got his message, and could gloss over the term “warrior,” and accept the truths Socrates imparted.  I thought the same thing each subsequent time I’ve read the book.

In preparation for this coming Monday’s (March 16) PsychicTeachers BookClub podcast, I read it yet again.  I think I got the point now.  I understand that there’s much more to meditating than I thought.  I understand that everything is here and now.  I understand I am my own teacher.  I understand nothing.

Some years ago I was invited to be on a panel with Dan Millman at a conference in Hawaii.  I was beyond excited.  However, I procrastinated in making travel arrangements and  I couldn’t understand why.  Then, on the day that was the drop-dead deadline for doing so, I learned one of my best friends had been diagnosed with cancer.  She needed someone to drive her to chemotherapy appointments at a hospital three hours away every two weeks for many weeks.  Needless to say, I didn’t make it to Hawaii.  I often wonder what might be different in my life if I’d met Dan, the peaceful warrior.

Reading The Way of the Peaceful Warrior this week, I peeled away some more layers of the onion Socrates uses as a metaphor in the book.  I also realized that my friend with cancer was one of the bravest, most peaceful warriors I have ever known.  She “lost her battle” with cancer, but won the gifts of wisdom, grace and dignity.

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