PastLifeSpiritual Coaching is like Life Coaching, only more focused on your spiritual journey and goals.  Spiritual Coaching helps you find your true path, and guides you toward achieving your inner vision for your life.  Samantha Fey and I love working with our Coaching clients.  It is such joy to see them grow and become who they are meant to become with every session!

Here’s how it works:  twice each month, in two 45-minute sessions, Samantha Fey and I talk with you via telephone.  We work with you to clarify your spiritual goals, set out activities that help you reach those goals, and give you fun and encouraging homework assignments!  On the weeks we don’t talk, we send you emails chocked full of helpful hints.

A one-month trial is $250.  However, most of our clients find that our three-month special for only $600 is most beneficial.  Some have even registered for more sessions!  We hope you’ll consider doing this for yourself – you deserve it!