neptuneNeptune retrograde, Mercury direct – what do these astrological events – and others happening this weekend – mean for you?  Lots of wonderful shifts are occurring!

For those of us who have, for some time now, been aware that the Universe is calling us to do more with our lives, to make changes that benefit ourselves and all of the planet, know that the time is NOW to make the changes necessary.  Neptune retrograde brings us in harmony with the collective consciousness of all.  We have a more keen sense of our responsibility to our brothers and sisters.  So, if you’re lazy about recycling, or have been meaning to volunteer for a worthwhile organization – NOW is the time to do something different!

Neptune retrograde is also a time for cleaning out and letting go of that which no longer serves us.  This means everything from de-cluttering your home to rethinking your relationships, to how you spend your time and energy.  This releasing makes room for time and energy to meet those goals you’ve had in your mind and heart for some time, but have been unable to put into action.  The ability to do so will really ramp up over the summer and autumn, since Neptune is retrograde until November 19.

Sunday, June 14, the Sun conjuncts Mars, so there is plenty of impetus to begin projects, particularly creative ones.  If it’s time to create – get getting!

Also on June 14, Saturn enters Scorpio. You may begin to have some old feelings of residual pain, fear and anger that have been lurking under the surface bubble up over the next three months.  This is a great time to release them.  When we let go of people, situations and emotions that don’t serve us, there is room in our lives for harmony, happiness, love and creativity.

At the New Moon on Tuesday, June 16, the Moon is in conjunction with Mars.  That self-reflection you’ve been doing as a result of Neptune retrograde will begin to come to fruition, and you will begin to learn to speak your truth clearly and without worry of judgment.

So with Mercury retrograde communication mishaps behind us, this astrological cycle for the next three months or so should bring about some positive changes in how we see ourselves and our place and goals in the world around us.

Blessed be,


Photo: NASA