150px-RWS_Tarot_02_High_Priestess[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Here’s how a reading with me works:   Between the time you contact me for a reading and the actual appointment time, I do spend considerable time preparing for our time together.  First, I meditate about you, and I talk to my Guides about you.  I ask my Guides to connect with yours so that the communication between us is clear and open when we talk.

During the reading, my cards act as triggers to enhance the information I’m receiving from my Guides.  I’m able to look at your question and situation from various perspectives.  For example, I can see circumstances from the past that influence your present situation.  I see choices that are open to you that will impact your future.  I can see relationships around you that determine much of your situation, particularly as they relate to love, money and career.

Sometimes I can communicate with your loved ones who have died (including pets), but not always.

When you pay with the Paypal button on my SERVICES page, I get an email notification from Paypal.  I then email you and we schedule your reading.  It’s that easy!

I’ve been doing readings since 1983, and have worked with thousands of people from around the globe.  I also offer readings with my PsychicTeacher partner, Samantha Fey, if you’d like to talk to the two of us together.

Please see my SERVICES page for pricing.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]