AstrologyThis is a very busy week astrologically: the first Full Moon (called a Blood Moon this month) after the Vernal Equinox, Pluto goes retrograde about four hours before a total lunar eclipse begins on Tuesday, April 15 at 3:42 am, and a Grand Cardinal Cross appears in the sky!

The term Blood Moon is used when a total lunar eclipse makes the Moon appear red as the eclipse occurs.  According to astrologer Robert Wilkinson at his wonderful Aquarius Papers website,  this Full Moon in Libra (the Moon is always full in the opposing sign), coupled with the Grand Cardinal Cross indicate a period of intense emotional upheaval.  Here’s what Wilkinson says:

“However, even if something is falling apart, remember that it’s necessary to clear the table for new initiatives, new perspectives, new ways of taking care of self and others, and a clearer sense of duty and responsibility.

And of course, it does symbolize the incredibly tense and fragmented political, environmental, and economic world we live in. Given that something has to give anyway, this could very well lead to new innovations, both on global as well as individual levels. While it may be rough navigating, it’s neither the first nor last time we’ve had to find ways to rise to the global imperatives of our times.

So ride this through, pay attention to what shows up Sunday and Monday with the Moon in Libra, and slow down, take it easy, back away from edgy people and situations, and be a little more moderate than usual in your responses. And please watch out while driving, since Mercury opposed Mars is a powerful frictional energy!

Study, read, write, be practical in your assessments, and remember that we really need to get past this Cardinal Cross before resuming forward motion in our affairs. That way the friction is behind us, rather than in front of us!

Pay attention to the signs and signals, and use good Libra skills to bring integrated focus to the power of the squares and oppositions. ”

Pluto stays retrograde until September 22.  During Pluto Retrograde periods we turn inward, and many will understand spiritual and emotional “house-cleaning” – it’s time to evaluate what really serves you, what really matters to you, who you really are spiritually – and let the rest go!

So, my advice to us all:  pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Be kind.  Slow down.  Stand up for yourself, but do so calmly and gently.

Blessed be,