numbersWhat Your Numbers

Say About You!

Numerology and Sacred Geometry

 Tuesday, August 23

6 – 8 pm

Only $25

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(910) 799-1001

Do you check the clock every day at 11:11?  What does it mean when your life path number is the “number of the mystic?”  Can having 2 as your house number really bring harmony to your home?  If you’ve ever wondered about these questions and more, this workshop is for you!  Your birth number, your life-path number, your name number, your compatibility numbers, even your house number impact your day-to-day life in ways you need to understand to enrich your life, your relationships, even your job!

Additionally, we live in a magical world surrounded by sacred geometry.  Even your body follows this universal structure.  Learn how you can become more aware of – and use – sacred geometry to enhance your world.

This workshop teaches you how to interpret and use numerology and sacred geometry in ways you hadn’t considered.