Is 2020 the year you promised you’d work more on your spiritual growth? Is this the year in which you want to tune in to yourself, and to the universal energy around you? If you’re like me, you start January 1 each year with these intentions, and then reality hits – jobs, laundry, grocery shopping, texting non-stop – and there goes your resolve out the window.

Here are some things that I’ve found help me stay on my path, at least for a while:
* I choose a crystal to be my “meditation stone” for the new year. I hold it in my left hand while meditating. This helps me stay focused and brings me knowledge from the particular stone I’m holding.
* I create two new crystal grids. One is a prayer grid to help me send out healing energy to the world and to specific people who have asked me to pray for them. The other is an intention grid, with stones representing where I plan to focus attention and stones representing what I want to learn.
* I do a Tarot reading for myself on New Year’s Day.
* I pull two cards from the Carson and Sams’ Medicine Card deck to represent Mother Earth and Father Sky animal energies that will work with me this year, in addition to my consistent Animal Guides.
* I do my numerology chart reading for the year.

This year, 2020, is numerologically a Four year – a year of creating a stable, solid four-square foundation upon which your life can be built. Combine the Four of 2020 with your birth (or life path) number, and you know what the year holds for you. Because my life path number is Seven, 2020 is an Eleven year for me. Whew! That’s some big energy to aspire to!

But you don’t have to do all the work required of you for spiritual growth alone this year. Here are some resources I offer you:
* “Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot” introductory course begins this coming Tuesday, January 7. Details and registration here:
* “Moon Magic and More – an E-Course” is new on my website. This PDF course helps you connect to Moon energy throughout each month. Details here:
* Would you like a gentle guided meditation sent to you free each month? All you have to do is subscribe to my monthly newsletter! Details here:
* My newsletter also includes monthly reflections on a Tarot key, the phases of the Moon, and coming in this month’s edition – a crystal of the month and a book review of the month.
* Deb & Friends Quest for Connection podcast will be back this month after a hiatus – with a new focus – watch for details!
* PsychicTeachers Podcast is about to celebrate TEN YEARS on air, and we grow each month with more than 10,000 downloads each week, and more and more outlets – iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play, Podcast Addict, Spreaker, and more!

And there’s more of course, coming soon. In the meantime, know that you are loved and cared for by a power far greater than you can imagine. Know that the universe needs you, you – uniquely and wonderfully you!

Happy New Year and blessed be,