“And I am awaiting perpetually and forever a renaissance of wonder.” – poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti said, who just reached his 100th birthday.

Maundy Thursday.  Good Friday.  Full Moon in Libra/Uranus opposition on Friday.  Passover begins at sundown Friday.  Easter Sunday.  Earth Day Monday.  The recent celebration of the Vernal Equinox and the pagan holiday of Ostara, and the honoring of the changing seasons in so many traditions and world beliefs.

A time of connection.  A time of honoring beliefs.  A time of respect.  A time to pause.  A time of commitment.  A time to find the light within and without us.  A time for hope.

I have always loved the coming together of spiritual beliefs.

This is, as Joel Hawkins said on a Deb & Friends Quest for Connection podcast, a time to:
push pause
be present
see the spirit

I am closest to the Divine as I, too, stand in balance for just a moment as Mother Earth spins in perfect balance as Father Sun crosses the Equator at the Equinox.

I am closest to the Divine when I stand on Mother Ocean’s shore and watch the Full Moon rise from the sea, a sparkling diamond-studded moment that takes my breath away.

I am closest to the Divine when I place my hand on a cherry tree, feeling the living energy of Mother Earth pulse beneath my fingers, and am showered with petals blowing like snow in a soft spring breeze.

I am closest to the Divine when I breathe in the fragrance of sage smoke as it billows from my conch shell in circle with my friends who invoke the Goddess and God to cleanse us of negativity and bless us with the gift of love.

I am closest to the Divine when I light candles on my altar to honor the fire that burns brightly within every being on this planet and beyond.

I am closest to the Divine when I break matzah and drink wine with my Jewish friends at Seder, praying that this year, not next, we will celebrate the feast of the Passover in Jerusalem (both real and metaphorically) and peace will prevail on Earth.

I am closest to the Divine as I listen, as I have for many, many years, to the soundtrack to “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, wondering at Jesus’ bravery and commitment to his promise.  What courage it must have taken for him to break with tradition during that Seder and to be nailed to that cross!  What must Mary Magdalene have felt?

I am closest to the Divine as I listen, once again, to the soundtrack to “Godspell” with my Christian friends on Easter Sunday morning, believing that all life is renewed again and again and again, and that every day is a resurrection of sorts for us all.

So many more cultures and beliefs honor the changing of seasons during this time of the year. This is a holy time, a time that reminds us to pay attention.  Pay attention to every passing moment, every flitting bird, every bud bursting forth.  It is a time of quickening in the Northern Hemisphere, and a time of resting in the Southern.  Ever and ever the Wheel spins, and the cycles begin again, and life is reborn.  And so am I.  And so are you.


Text and photo copyright 2019, Deb Bowen.  All rights reserved.